Food Trucks: History & Future

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September 19, 2012 by marilynbosticsdance

Instant gratification is becoming more and more common in this era. People need everything at their fingertips and the sooner the better. Yet, laziness has led humanity to the discovery of something phenomenal: food trucks.

The idea to fuse the convenience of fast food with the quality of restaurant dining is a revolutionary concept that businessmen, college students and ordinary people on-the-go can appreciate.

This blog will feature:

  • Some of the most unique food trucks in Phoenix.
  • The average cost of items at each food truck.
  • Public opinions of the food these vendors are selling at food trucks.
  • The owners’ stories and reasoning behind getting into this booming business.

Let it be known that the food truck itself is nothing new. From the American Civil War forward, chuck wagons were a necessary measure to feed the cattle rangers in the 1880s. Mobile canteens authorized by the U.S. Army emerged in the 1950s and the ice cream truck rose to popular demand for children and adults alike.

Not long afterwards, modern food trucks were born, becoming an icon for mobile culinary society.

Research performed by the National Restaurant Association from summer 2011 showed that food trucks are rising in popularity, and nearly 1 out of 5 consumers have seen a food truck in their regional community.

Food Truck Friday is a time for food trucks of all kinds to come together and promote this recent craze. Located on the northeast corner of Pierce Street and Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix, Food Truck Friday is a time to see beyond the truck and celebrate something everyone can stand up for: great food.

Join me as I discover the hidden homemade gems in the urban jungle I call home, share some of their captivating stories and find out just how much bang you’ll get for your buck!


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