Food Trucks v. Restaurants

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October 2, 2012 by marilynbosticsdance

Food trucks have been praised for their recent triumph over typical eateries. But when it all comes down to it, is the food they are selling any cheaper or tastier than their restaurant counterparts?

In contrast to traditional sit-down restaurants, food trucks have many benefits.

  1. Mobility– For the reason that food trucks are not planted in one specific location, both the owner and the customer can reap the benefits. Owners can position their business in a crowded spot during the lunch rush while customers have access to a variety of food trucks in different places.
  2. Social Media– The rise of Facebook and Twitter has helped contribute to the local promotion of food trucks. New apps for smartphones allow food truck businesses to update their specials and locations within a matter of minutes.
  3. Innovative Concepts– Many food trucks sell items that are handheld and can be eaten while walking. Wrapping something that is normally eaten with a fork in a tortilla or pita eliminates the need for a table and allows people to multitask while they eat.
  4. Time Management– Since many food truck chefs have pre-made food or are speed demons in their craft, the process of paying and receiving a meal is shortened. With food trucks, there are no reservations, waiters, or complicated gratuity checks.
  5. Sustainable Practices– Many food trucks are relatively new, so their equipment is as well. Greener, energy-smart machines and safer cleaning products are progressive measures many food truck owners are utilizing.
  6. Unique Eats– Food trucks offer a variety of cuisine from around the world. While a restaurant may cater to a broad range of tastes, a food truck has the ability to specialize in smoothies or even snake meat.

But even with all these reasons, the debate continues. For more information on the food truck and restaurant war, visit these websites or join the conversation on Twitter.

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